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8 Stages of Workplace Conflict – and how best to resolve them

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Friday, 12th October 2018
Starts : 12:00      Ends : 12:45


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Mediation Sector
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Business managers, HR managers

Two phrases that are heard too often in the workplace:

“It’s not serious enough for mediation.”

“I wish we’d tried mediation earlier”

It’s not surprising these are common.  How do you know if the conflict is at the ‘right stage’ to use mediation?  If not mediation, what alternative options could be tred?

In this free webinar, Marc Reid will introduce you to the 8 stages of workplace conflict and the intervention options that are most appropriate for each stage.  The 8 stages tool has been developed to help HR and line managers identify what stage a conflict has reached and what approach might be most effective in managing it.  The webinar will illustrate the stages using a realistic case scenario that demonstrates how the people involved might be thinking and feeling, and how they perceive the options open to them at each stage.

The event is ideally suited to HR and line managers who may need to address conflict between employees.  Webinar attendees will also be able to download a free e-book about the 8 stages of workplace conflict.  The webinar will last around 45 minutes, including time for questions.

The webinar will be led by Marc Reid, an experienced workplace mediator, accredited by CEDR and CMC - registered.   He has trained conflict management skills for many years and is author of ‘DIY Mediation - The Conflict Resolution Toolkit for HR’.  Marc runs Mediation4 which helps organisations manage and resolve workplace conflict. He has mediated a wide range of cases and has also established and run mediation services for a top multinational company.

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