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About MAG

Mediation Awareness Group (MAG) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) established by a group of professional mediators to:

  • Promote awareness of the benefits of mediation, including delivery of Mediation Awareness Week
  • Inform users of mediation (people and organisations) about the process and its outcomes
  • Support and promote dialogue between the UK’s independent professional mediation umbrella organisations

MAG is the successor to Mediation Awareness UK (MAUK) which organised and delivered the inaugural Mediation Awareness Week in 2016.

MAG Patron

The Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Ward

MAG Trustees

MAG’s founding trustees are:
John Allison (Chair)
Helen Curtis
Tony Buon

MAG’s constitution provides for the appointment of additional trustees, including Nominated Trustees to represent the independent mediation umbrella organisations that support and guide the various sectors and jurisdictions of the UK mediation profession.

MAG Advisory Panel

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution


Andy Rogers (Director)

College of Mediators

College of mediators

Ewan Malcolm (Chair)

Civil Mediation Council


Melanie Vasilescu (Registrar)



Andrew Kinder (Chair)

London Community Mediation Council


John Allison (Chair)

Medical Mediation Foundation

Medical Mediation Foundation

Sarah Barclay (Director)

Scottish Mediation Network

Scottish Mediation

Graham Boyack (Director)

The MAG Advisory Panel provides a forum in which UK mediation umbrella groups can offer informal advice and support for the delivery of mediation awareness week. The MAG trustees are grateful for the help and support of the organisations and individuals identified above

Event Organisers

MAG relies on Event Organisers that offer to host and deliver the events that form part of Mediation Awareness Week. All of the Event Organisers are identified in the Events section of this website. Their contribution to the success of Mediation Awareness Week is gratefully aclknowledged


MAG is a not for profit organisation and relies entirely on donations received from Sponsors working within or in association with the mediation profession.


MAG is also suported by numerous individuals and organisations that provide support and assistance on one or more of the following ways:

• Offering facilities and venues for events
• Collaborating with others to deliver an event
• Providing personal skills and services on a voluntary basis

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